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False Confessions & Contaminated Statements:
Three Fatal Flaws and How Interviewers Can Avoid Them

Of all the cases of wrongful conviction overturned using DNA, 25% were caused by false confessions. In 75% of the overturned cases, faulty and contaminated victim and witness interviews were a major contributing factor.  In nearly every case, the interviewer committed three fatal errors that contributed to these miscarriages of justice. What are those errors and how can they be avoided?


 Approximately 1 hour course


In this session you will learn –

  1. How and why we misread lie signs.
  2. Overcoming deception miscalculation.
  3. Symptoms of guilt assumptive interviews and coercion.
  4. Pre-conception bias and contamination errors.
  5. Some remedies to the three fatal flaws.



Following completion, the student will take a 7 question T-F examination.  Passing is 70%.

Student will receive a certificate reflecting the title of the course, length, and participant passed the examination.


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