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Interviewing the Angry Subject:
Clipping the Fuse to Get Info You Can Use.


One of the most difficult situations for an interviewer to overcome is the angry subject. Interviews of this type will often degrade into a non-productive confrontation.  The interviewer can change the outcome by understanding why subjects use anger, what the various forms of anger look and sound like and how to correctly respond to an angry subject and bring the interview back under control and be successful.

Approximately 1 hour course


You will learn:

  • The origin of subject anger.
  • Recognize types of anger exhibited by subjects.
  • How to prevent the interview from deteriorating further.
  • How & why the interviewer should avoid the anger vortex.
  • Smart tactics interviewers can use to bring the subject and interview back under control.



Participants will receive a completion certificate after passing a 7 question True-False examination with a passing grade of 70%.


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