Truth & Deception, Inc.


The Truth About Body Language & Deception:
Myths versus Facts


For decades interviewers have focused their attention on body language as the tool for spotting deception in human behavior.  Many of these same interviewers claim to be very accurate at spotting deception, when in fact research shows they perform worse than the general population. According to analysis, the root cause of the problem is the myths about body language and deception that is taught in our police academies.  This 1 hour on-line course will expose some of the myths and undercover the truth about body language and deception.


Approximately 1 hour course


You will learn:

  • The truth about eye contact.
  • Common body language deception cue myths.
  • The concept of “like and dislike” reactions.
  • About the source of body language cues.
  • How to reduce time spent on analysis.
  • Cultural and social influence on nonverbal cues.


Participants will receive a completion certificate after passing a 7 question True-False examination with a passing grade of 70%.


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